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An advantage to you?  Although now semi-retired, this work remains my joy.  My current interests include empowering civic organizations committed to empowering constructive citizen participation in the communities they serve.   ~Norman Jentner

Performance — Relevant, Agile, Superior


Individual, Team, Organizational


Starting with what and with whom you have

for sustainable results.

Simple  |  Agile  |  Pro-active

☞  Inspiring educational examples  ☜


Great ideas and the right technology are essential, but sometimes are not enough.

Empower your employees to move into constructive engagement.

This is our specialty.

Logo-BCS focuses with you on enhancing the agility and relevance of your people’s buy-in and engagement alongside your changing processes and technologies.

Success has more to do with alignment to your common cause than the particular intent any individual may or may not share with others.  In the end, it’s tangible results that matter.

Infuse your business with a compelling purpose that speaks in terms of values and behavioral outcomes that truly matter.

Sleeping Giant

Wish-Fulfilling Genie

Awaken the “Sleeping Giant” — in you and in your organization!

When you know what you are doing, it’s not that difficult.


Create an action learning organization, one step at a time, around what matters.


It starts with yourself.


I would describe Dr. Jentner (Norm) as a dedicated, likable, and hard working professional. I’ve discovered, over the last decade, that he is not afraid to tackle projects… with gusto. He always has a smile and kind words. I appreciate that immensely – you will as well.

~Jim Jones, Web Analyst, City of Akron



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Align Your Operational Culture with Your Organizational Mission, Philosophy, Strategy, and Goals.

Support Your Own and Your Employees’ Best Discretion.

Integrate the Best of Science with Your Own Treasured Spirituality.