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How & Why We Are Different.

Triple Bottom-Line Results (Profit + People + Planet).

Headquartered in Akron, Ohio.  With global reach.


Norman Jentner, Ph.D., Principal of Business Culture Solutions, LLC


Increase your company’s adaptability, competitiveness and profit by choosing to work with Business Culture Solutions LLC.


Our promises to you:

While many companies do many of these things, few companies are reflexively committed to all of these, as are we.


Our uncommon value:

• We are committed to giving back more value than we receive.

• Among our top priorities and commitments is always working on ourselves.

• Our expectations are high and our accomplishments match this.

• Recognizing we are special in the eyes of many, we also understand that we are no more special than you.

• We believe emotional intelligence is essential alongside intellectual intelligence for optimal performance.

• We know we cannot take you somewhere if we cannot go there our self.


How we provide you value:

• Your long-lasting satisfaction is one of our very top priorities and commitments.

• We ask questions first.

• We employ a well-rounded experiential and empirical focus to avoid “blind-spots” and to maximize your adaptive creativity and innovation.

• We listen well.

• We focus and build with you on your strengths.

• We are goal-directed and purposeful.

• We use proven products & services, including those very simple.

• We are accountable.

• We work smarter, if not also harder.

• We practice what we teach.

• We truly enjoy what we do!


Our unique value proposition

• We help you to assess the right problems and opportunities up-front.

• We help you look “outside the box” if helpful.

• We help you find the right solutions to the right problems and for the right opportunities.

• We remove guess-work from your leadership and organization development.

• We focus our work on your company’s triple bottom-line.

• Our professional commitment is to your company’s adaptability, competitiveness, and profit.

• We are efficient and effective.

• We save you time and money.

• We provide integrated leadership and organization development to develop individuals, teams, and your organization simultaneously.

• We provide convenient and cost-effective access to the best, leading-edge tools, processes, and professionals.

• We ensure you secure the most reliable, internationally and empirically normed, business culture performance benchmarking that is available on the market today.

• We empower robust, lasting, positive change.

• We provide uncommonly satisfying solutions.

• We provide very strong returns on investment.

• Behind us stand 20+ year track records of demonstrated performance, world-wide.


Guaranteed outcomes

• Safe.  Confidential.  Ethical.  Trustworthy.  Effective.

Dr. Jentner understands and is guided by the Ethical Standards of the American Psychological Association for everybody’s protection.

• You think more clearly and effectively about yourself and your business.

• You obtain a clearer understanding of what “people actions” are currently driving your company’s performance — and also what may be “missing”!

• You take logical-intuitive actions on behalf of yourself and your business — more effectively, more adaptively, and more quickly.


What our clients say:


Dr J’s “sense of stability and professionalism… encouraged that in others.”


“Dr J has helped me become a better manager.”


“Dr. Jentner will bring an excellent work ethic to your employees.”


You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or telephone (330-472-2559).  Let’s start a conversation that will be tailored to your circumstances and needs.


You are invited to post a question or comment to one of our blogs, to which our readers can also respond.