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Would you like to work with our team?

Here is a little more background for you to consider, to empower informed and conscious choice by you:


We currently believe that Capitalism is at a variety of  “cross-roads,” some possessing incredible business opportunities of many different kinds! 1


Business Culture Solutions LLC is, by design, consciously and strategically engaged with all three of “the three primary economies” within our globalizing world, these being the Money Economy, the Traditional Economy, and Nature’s Economy. 1


We believe we have major social and environmental challenges facing our planet, defined in large part by the growing interdependence among these three primary economies — clearly on a seeming collision course with each other! 1


We believe that these very problems open up incredible business opportunities

  • for those individuals and groups paying attention with understanding

  • for those individuals or groups possessing the incredible good fortune of a “natural convergence” of their current interests with the “right introductions” and “great timing!”


We are interested in working with people who identify with either of these two groups!


If you would like to engage in further conversations about gainful employment opportunities through association with us, contact us.

  • Tell us which of the two sets of people with whom you identify (above).

  • Tell us why you are interested in exploring work with Business Culture Solutions!

We will follow up with you in a timely and constructive manner!


Footnote 1 – See Hart, Stuart L (2010) Capitalism at the Crossroads (3rd Ed.): Next Generation Business Strategies for a Post-Crisis World, Upper Saddle River, NJ: Wharton School Publishing.

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