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Triple Bottom-Line Results Archive

Vacation Reflections

Posted August 15, 2016 By Norman Jentner

Recently I took three weeks away from my regular work routines. < Instead, I traveled and interacted with strangers, new acquaintances, friends, and family in Ohio, Washington, and Idaho, plus in British Columbia. < My vacation afforded me opportunity to engage with homeless people, working poor, middle class, and with economic elites. < My experiences […]

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WANTED: Peace of mind for investors, all walks of life.

Posted May 2, 2015 By Norman Jentner

WANTED: Peace of mind for investors within North America, from all walks of life.  Multiple rewards available. < New opportunities to connect and create abound. < The following link represents a work in progress. Presented below is only a first draft summary of the full article. < While the basic article is expected to remain […]

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My Personal Story (brief snibbit) and Amazing Discovery

Posted March 15, 2015 By Norman Jentner

I grew up in greater Cleveland, Ohio — the U. S. Midwest, the heart of “Mom, country, and apple pie.” < My father and mother taught me to be responsible, to work for my accomplishments, and to constructively consider others in the process.  I was particularly interested in math and science, taking all the courses […]

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Peak – Peace – Performance. (Post 1)

Posted December 13, 2014 By Norman Jentner

< < is re-branding! < < < “Peace of Mind for Peak Performance” < amidst < “Differences as Opportunities” < and < “Bridges to Business Culture Advantages” < (Part I). < I (Norman) have recently come to recognize the “silver thread,” < well, actually, more like the “silver–copper–gold–fiber-optic braid,” – that best defines what I […]

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Safety is a culture issue.

Posted August 21, 2014 By Norman Jentner

From Chernobyl to the Challenger to Deep Water Horizon, major incident investigations consistently point to culture as a key root cause. – Formal safety mechanisms dictate what people should do whereas culture indicates what people actually do. Many organizations experience safety and effectiveness as competing priorities, or a pendulum. Doing so gradually opens up new […]

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 Today it is widely understood that EVERY business possesses a company “culture.”   < That culture is passed on to new employees. < It is a by-product of all actions by leadership and all other participants in the business, resulting in “the way we do things around here.” < It includes everything attended to (and […]

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“True and lasting success” in our globalizing world can constructively be considered in terms of individuals’ satisfactions as members of groups, little and big, who are successfully making constructive differences that matter in our world.  No? Individual success has to do with personal health & well-being        relationships resources      meaning      conscientiousness  constructive […]

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Businesses face accelerating and ever-increasing competition today.   < Driving this increased competition are four key factors: < increasingly more effective technologies; more effective technological processes; more effectively engaged people; and the ability to more effectively respond to continuously evolving consumer expectations. This is not rocket science. < This is simply a function of successful […]

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My Recommendation of (and link to) THE CULTURE ADVANTAGE (2013) by Tim Kuppler. To begin, I must admit to some initial personal skepticism.  Yet another book on business culture that describes as its Unique Value Proposition precisely what I’ve thought has already been well described by others and, therefore, is pretty well known.  This would […]

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Demystifying the Glass Ceiling: Webinar

Posted September 27, 2013 By Norman Jentner

Demystifying the Glass Ceiling: A closer look at women in leadership.   We all know the scary statistics. An abysmal 4% of Fortune 500 companies are run by women CEOs, and the percentage of women Fortune 500 board members is 16%. Yet research shows that a higher percentage of women on boards and at the […]

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