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Telephone or e-mail Norman Jentner (“Dr J”) at Business Culture Solutions.

Telephone Norm at 330-472-2559 (cell).

Or send Norman an e-mail below.  Upon receipt of your message, Dr. Jentner or an associate will get back to you.

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Please note that there are limits to the true privacy, and therefore confidentiality, of all cell phone and e-mail messages.  Therefore, you are advised to refrain from using these communication technologies to share truly sensitive confidential information.  Such confidential information is to be communicated with Business Culture Solutions only in-person or by encrypted electronic means after a confidentiality agreement has been established.

Within the inherent limits of internet and mobile communications technologies, your privacy with Dr. J (Norm) and with Business Culture Solutions remains secure.  Your private information is not sold or distributed to other parties by Dr. Jentner or by Business Culture Solutions, LLC. except as requested in writing by you, required for internal processing by Business Culture Solutions LLC to provide you superior service, or as required by law in an appropriate legal proceeding.