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Enhanced employee stress management will improve employee wellness, resilience, and morale

Increase morale, wellness & resilience by engaging hearts (and gut) in addition to heads and hands.


CltrOfWllnssImprove Morale, Wellness & Resilience by Promoting a Culture of Wellness

Your employees’ peace of mind will contribute to your company’s sustainability.


There is some truth to this statement.  Even so,

Top performing companies understand that more optimally maintained employees are also more productive, creative, and adaptive on the job.

Top performing employers provide their employees unique opportunities, at low to no cost to the employer, to enable employees to more optimally and easily care for themselves and their family members on and off the job.



Ways to do this are nearly limitless.

Employers lead most effectively by example.

| Know Yourself | Personal Mindfulness Training |

| Legal Peace of Mind |

is quick to recommend a specific pair of nontraditional voluntary group benefits, in particular.  This is due to their good business value for employers, and high practical value and interest for employees.  We use both services and are quite satisfied.

High value to employees

  Two very basic needs of all people are health and security.

Click on “For Employers”

One of this pair of vetted nontraditional voluntary benefits provides legal industry disrupting protective family legal protection of extra-ordinary value at a truly affordable price.


Click on “Identity Theft Plans”

The other vetted benefit provides extra-ordinary identify theft protection.  The protection is provided by Kroll® identity protection experts, with full restoration by Kroll® experts, if ever there is an identity breach, at no extra cost.

These two benefits can be stand-alone or bundled for added value and savings.

Imagine the difference to you and your workforce!


  • increased on-the-job presence


  • increased gratitude and loyalty to you and your company


You are able to empower members of your workforce to not only know they have protection, but to also feel peace of mind,


  • because they and their family’s short- and long-term legal interests, from trivial to traumatic, are safe and secure.

  • because they and their loved ones can rest assured that their identities are fully protected by Kroll® identity protection experts, with full restoration by Kroll® experts, if ever there is an identity breach, at no extra cost.

You have multiple options, dependent upon your circumstances.


  You may contact us  to initiate a private, no obligation, exploratory discussion. 


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