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Ownership + Engagement = Organizational Alchemy

“Thinking like an owner” is structural as well as attitudinal/behavioral.   The vast majority of private entrepreneurial companies in North America and elsewhere are closely held.  This means that only those people who actually gathered their resources for the specific purpose of founding the company, often putting all they had on the line — or those […]

What’s New at Denison. More Latest Thinking.

July 2014 Reading Between the Lines What are your employees really telling you? Over the last two decades, business leaders have gained a greater appreciation for the impact of organizational culture on important performance outcomes (e.g., financial performance, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, innovation). As awareness for the importance of organizational culture has grown, questions about […]

Two June Workshops on Building a High Performance Organization

  Two Denison Consulting Certification Workshops   Workshop on Culture Change & Leadership Development The Denison Consulting Certification Workshop is a comprehensive two-day program that prepares attendees to create high-impact strategies that drive culture change and leadership development to propel business success. June 4 – 5, 2014 Denison Headquarters, Ann Arbor, MI REGISTER NOW Program […]

Fundamentals of a High Performance Organization

    Fundamentals of a High Performance Organization A Denison Consulting eWorkshop on the fundamentals of Culture Change & Leadership Development   The Denison Consulting Fundamentals eWorkshop explores the basis of creating and operating a high performance organization. This self-paced, blended e-learning course utilizes multiple platforms to deliver on-demand materials in conjunction with live webinar sessions. […]

My Book’s Present Back Cover Working Draft!

I have edited my book’s back cover draft to now this.  Is my message clear and enticing?  What is missing?  Feedback welcome!  ~Norman Create a high-performance company with less guess-work! You’ve been hearing that, “Business culture eats strategy for lunch!” Create your own high-performance company culture, eliminating guess-work, to more effortlessly & effectively achieve competitive […]

I am currently engaged in writing my next book!

To my network: I am currently engaged in writing my next book! I am working on my back-cover bio and would like your feedback: How can I make this better? Integral systems performance psychologist Dr. Norman Jentner focuses on globally-vetted high-performance business methods and results applicable to mid-market and smaller industries. His association with Denison […]