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What’s New at Denison. More Latest Thinking.

July 2014 Reading Between the Lines What are your employees really telling you? Over the last two decades, business leaders have gained a greater appreciation for the impact of organizational culture on important performance outcomes (e.g., financial performance, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, innovation). As awareness for the importance of organizational culture has grown, questions about […]

Additional Information and Skills Utilized by Leadership Today

Leaders of today’s and tomorrow’s most effective businesses, as always, will continue to focus on cost-effective uses of technologies and processes.  And that’s not all. < Top performing leaders focus today with increasingly effectiveness on how the individual employees within their businesses are strategically aligned with their company’s strategic goals and objectives.   < Leaders today […]

True & Lasting Success Today Requires Individual AND Group Performance. Ideas and Resources for Action (Part 2 of 2)

 Today it is widely understood that EVERY business possesses a company “culture.”   < That culture is passed on to new employees. < It is a by-product of all actions by leadership and all other participants in the business, resulting in “the way we do things around here.” < It includes everything attended to (and […]

In Reflection and Honor of the Late Nelson Mandela

We at Business Culture Solutions stop for a moment, in reflection and in honor of Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa, who died this last week at the age of 95.   For many of us, Mr. Mandela represents “a brother,” almost a member of the family, in light of his long-standing commitment to […]

Egg on my face! But Eureka!

My apology for under-estimating the power of editing for brevity and CLARITY!  With constructive feedback from a friendly “alien” (see below), I have re-drafted my original Memorial Day message.  Any clearer (less ambiguous) now?   Dear Network, – Sometimes I feel a little “strange” on Memorial Day.  But you know what?  I like it! – Every […]